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FieldTriip - Our Story

FieldTriip, created and designed by Caron Rondilla, is based on our mantra “Endless Exploration", in which we love to explore and are inspired by life. We hold dear those memories and through our creations, we immortalize those moments. "Tangible Memories" as what we like to call them, they are essentially souvenirs from our journey. We believe that inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look deep enough to find the beauty in it.

Our logo was made to be synonymous within fashion and recognizable in the little details of life. It was inspired by the saying “everything and everywhere”. Our logo is an oxymoron, its abstract yet structured. Its primarily letters in a scripted font, arranged within an inverted triangle shape, so if you look closely, the letters resemble “TRiiP”. This shape was inspired by many things we see in nature; water shimmering in sunrise/sunset. Cracks in rocks and mountains. Cloud formations. Journaling is a staple of our design process so we wanted our logo to also look like a hand written signature. Most of all, we wanted a logo that embodies our ethos right when you see it.

So when you wear a piece from FieldTriip, a lot of thought, work and attention to meticulous detail goes into each piece. We aim to provide top quality garments with sentimental value. Our pieces are either handmade or developed in small-ran batches, so pieces are very limited. We’re a small brand but we plan to expand the FieldTriip experience to bigger and newer heights.