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AFTERPARTY - SS20 Collection by FieldTriip

To be honest, this all started because I just wanted to wear a hoodie to formal occasions. 


It made me realize the social programming we have on the clothes we wear. There are certain clothes you can and can’t wear at formal events; a dress code... its just funny because at the end of the day, its literally just fabric draped around our bodies. 


My goal with this collection is to show the juxtaposition between streetwear and formal garments. They’re two polar opposites in styles; one that follows tradition and the other breaking it. 


I appreciated the quality in formal wear and the comfortableness of streetwear. I realized the only time those two styles were ever styled together was when it was time to dress down from formal events. Blazers turn to hoodies. Heels become sneakers and the idea of dress to impress is no more. It was unintentionally fucking dope. 


This was made for the kid who wore a pair of Nike Cortez to prom. This was made for the dude who wore Concord 11s on his wedding day. As much as you want, it is hard to get someone who loves sneakers and wears hoodies everyday to put on a suit and tie and some dress shoes - this is a collection for you. 


You don’t know what to expect when going to a party; or any party as a matter of fact. The only thing certain are the memories - good and bad. I like to look back and reminisce on those times - photos and videos are little reminders of those special moments. 


With our signature photo pockets coming back ever so subtly in this collection, owners of any piece can keep their memories next to their heart and on the go. 


Parties don’t last forever but good times with good company don’t come around that often, that doesn’t mean it has to be goodbye... yet. FieldTriip presents AFTERPARTY